The UK's first long-term impact-focused equity fund

Bridges Evergreen seeks to partner with ambitious, highly impactful businesses that are helping to solve our most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Evergreen’s patient, flexible, values-aligned capital – coupled with ongoing strategic and operational support – enables these organisations to accelerate their growth and scale their impact.


UK patient capital vehicle to support highly impactful businesses


energy savings delivered by AgilityEco in FY20/21


of EHC tenants were previously at risk of homelessness

Our thesis

If we are to have any hope of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, business has a vital role to play. However, impactful businesses with ambitions to scale often struggle to find a like-minded investment partner to support their long-term growth.

Evergreen was the first equity fund in the UK designed to meet this need.  We invest in scalable, profitable, cash-generative businesses with a compelling impact thesis, a clear value creation strategy and a high-quality, values-driven management team.

Our patient, flexible capital supports decision-making that is in the best long-term interest of the business;  while our impact management expertise helps the business to deliver better outcomes for its key stakeholders.

Bridges Fund Management

“We wanted to work with Bridges because they understood our sector, our ethos and our values – and they shared our focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for the young people in our care. Through Evergreen, they are able to provide the long-term support we need.”

What we look for  

  • Highly impactful business that are growing and cash-generative
  • A clear linkage between financial and impact performance
  • High-quality, purpose-driven management teams

What we offer  

  • Typical equity cheque of £10-30m
  • Flexible and patient ownership horizon which facilitates impact optimisation and long-term decision making
  • Lower-risk deal profile than typical private equity model with a highly prudent approach to leverage
  • Extensive experience of supporting value creation initiatives
  • Best-in-class impact management and reporting via our specialist in-house team
  • Access to the broader Bridges network of business and sector experts