Our investment goals

As an investor, we aim to make the biggest possible contribution to delivering important, positive social and environmental outcomes at scale. Grounded in this shared purpose, our strategy revolves around four goals:

1.  Deliver important outcomes across four key themes

We target specific outcomes associated with four impact themes that we believe are central to the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive economy. We call these the ‘core impacts’ of each investment, and we assess how far potential investments meet the core impact goals of each fund using the 5 dimensions of impact.


2.  Build sustainability leaders

We look at all other impacts that are significant to stakeholders (such as employees and the planet) and identify those that drive commercial value. We set impact goals for each of these material impacts to support the sustainable growth of our investments.


3.  Deliver attractive financial returns

Our impact-driven approach enables us to produce attractive returns across our investment strategies. Read more about our platform of strategies here.


4.  Pioneer and share what we learn

We are committed to building the market for sustainable and impact investing. We share what we learn across our strategies with a range of stakeholders including government, industry bodies, educational institutions and our peers. Read more about our thought leadership here.




Although most impact goals are set at investment level based on what is material, we have committed to some firm-level objectives – both to hold ourselves accountable to change, and to highlight the importance of both social and environmental outcomes in a move towards a more inclusive and sustainable economy.




Read more about these goals:


In addition, Bridges is a certified ‘Best for the World’ B Corp, scoring in the top 1.5% globally – in line with our ambition to hold ourselves to the same high social and environmental standard that we look for in our partners.