Creating value through impact and sustainability

Since 2002, Bridges has been entirely dedicated to investing in the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive economy. It is our conviction that this transition is both a moral imperative and a unique investment opportunity.

Based on our 20 years of experience and research, we have developed a clear thesis on how a focus on sustainability and impact can also create economic value.

Our themes

We begin by focusing on four themes that are central to this transition. All four themes represent groups of important social and environmental outcomes, reflecting global mega-trends that are fundamentally re-shaping our world.

Our themes, Bridges Fund Management

Our goals

As an investor, we combine this targeted approach with a highly engaged, hands-on investment model. This means we can support our partners to deliver their core impact at a greater scale, while also achieving broader positive social and environmental outcomes – in a way that creates attractive investment returns. We are also committed to sharing what we learn to support the growth of this market.

Our goals, Bridges Fund Management

Impact management

Key to this is our best-in-class impact management model, with specialist impact professionals fully integrated into our investment teams. Drawing on the latest best practice from across the field, and fully aligned with both existing and evolving regulation, our team has developed market-leading expertise in the interplay between impact and commercial value.

Impact management, Bridges Fund Management