Bridges is a specialist private markets investor.

For over 20 years, we’ve been investing in solutions that support the transition to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

We are driven by a clear conviction: that building a better future for people and the planet is also a unique opportunity to create lasting economic value.

Some people call this impact investing. We think it’s just good investing. (In fact, we think it’s the future of all investing.)

The time is now…


Our team

We're passionate about using capital to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Building our market

We’re committed to supporting the growth of investing for impact.

Like all responsible investors, we have been working very closely with our partners and management teams to respond positively to the Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis has changed our world in profound ways. As an impact-driven investor, we are committed to not only supporting the most vulnerable through this change – but also understanding how we can learn from it to ensure that the post-Covid economy is more resilient, more inclusive and more sustainable.

Bridges Fund Management