Investing in the future

Bridges invests in the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive economy – one that enables more people to thrive and fulfil their potential, while reducing our impact on the planet.

Across all our strategies, we focus on four investment themes that we believe are central to this transition. Closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, these themes reflect social and environmental mega-trends that are re-shaping our world.

Through careful analysis of these trends, we identify sectors and sub-sectors that can yield attractive investment opportunities. By building our domain expertise and contact networks within these areas, and then sharing this knowledge across the Bridges platform, our investment teams are able to identify and partner with best-in-class operators.


Sustainable Planet

Investing in solutions that will help reduce emissions and decarbonise the economy.

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Healthier Lives

Investing in solutions that improve physical and mental health and well-being.

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Future Skills

Investing in solutions that help people to up-skill or re-skill, so they can participate in the workforce of the future.

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Stronger Communities

Investing in solutions that improve access to quality goods, services and opportunities.

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