New Reflexions

Bridges Evergreen Holdings

Providing integrated care, therapy and education to young people with complex needs

  • Theme

    Health & Well-being

  • Date of Initial Investment

    March 2017

  • Bridges Executives

    Scott Greenhalgh
    Zoe Burgess

  • Management Team

    Greg Watson - Care Director
    Amanda Clarke - Operations Director
    Gary Parker - Finance Director

We wanted to work with Bridges because they understood our sector, our ethos and our values – and they shared our focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for the young people in our care. Through Evergreen, they are able to provide the long-term support we need, making sure we can grow while maintaining the high standards of care we have set over the last ten years.

Greg D’Arcy-Watson, Care Director of New Reflexions


On any one day across the UK, 80,000 children are living with foster families. About 50% of foster placements for teenagers break down. If a child’s first placement breaks down, they are likely to enter a cycle of breakdowns which reduces a child’s opportunities to develop secure attachments. It may also exacerbate existing behavioural and emotional difficulties. In some cases, this behaviour becomes so challenging or detrimental, that a child ends up being cared for in a secure children’s home. These homes cost over £200k per year per place, following which, research shows, it is often far harder to reverse these behaviours.

Investable Solution

New Reflexions is a leading children’s residential care provider based in Shropshire.  Their services include early intervention, residential care services and education.

New Reflexions works specifically with young people with complex needs who are unable or unwilling to live within a family setting, providing placements that combine care, education and therapy. Its entire philosophy is geared around providing a stable, supportive and nurturing environment for these young people, for as long as they need it, encapsulated in their philosophy of “never give up on a child”. As part of this commitment, all its carers and therapists are directly employed and provided with market-leading training, to try and ensure stability and consistency of care.


Our goal with this investment is the improvement in the immediate well-being of young people, resulting in less challenging behaviour and greater positive educational and employment outcomes in the longer term. Since our investment, all Ofsted home inspections have been “Good” or “Outstanding”.


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