Investing in the future of property

The Bridges Property Funds invest opportunistically in growth locations and needs-driven sectors.

We use a unique origination approach and hands-on asset management to generate attractive financial returns to investors alongside measurable societal impact.


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New homes currently being built in London

Our thesis

Our world is changing. Demographic shifts and environmental threats are forcing us to re-imagine the way we live and work.

We believe property has a critical role to play in driving this change. We invest in real estate solutions that help to reduce carbon emissions, revitalise business and residential spaces, and regenerate communities.

This approach helps us identify compelling investment opportunities in transitional areas, growth locations and needs-driven sectors, often ahead of the market. We then use our proven asset management and development expertise to drive value through physical, operational, and environmental improvements.

Bridges Fund Management

“Bridges brought a new thought process about how to incorporate sustainability into buildings. They helped open our eyes to the ways that sustainability can transform occupiers’ thoughts and aspirations, together with the financial benefits that go with that.”

What we look for 

  • Asset management and development opportunities across all sectors, particularly business space, healthcare, education, residential and other alternative market sectors where long-term fundamentals, changing demographics, and occupational demand can drive attractive returns
  • Environmentally-led refurbishments, where the potential exists to introduce sustainability features that can reduce operating costs and create financial value for investors

What we offer 

  • Up to £50m equity investment in properties and property-backed operating businesses
  • An experienced investment team with strong sector expertise
  • An entrepreneurial approach to cover unusual deal structures and situations where substantial capital expenditure is required
  • A strong record of showing that commercial performance and impact can go hand-in-hand
  • Best-in-class impact management and reporting via our specialist in-house team