Investing in the future of public services

Social outcomes contracts represent a new – and potentially transformative – way to design and deliver public services.

Unlike many Government-commissioned services, our projects are not delivered according to a set specification. Instead, the commissioner commits to paying for the achievement of agreed delivery milestones linked to measurable improvements in people’s lives.

Bridges provides the project finance and project management required to enable these projects to succeed. To date, we have supported over 50 social outcomes contracts, working with almost 30,000 individuals. 


Outcomes contracts supported to date


Outcomes payments achieved


people supported to date by our projects

Our thesis

The Government spends about £80bn a year commissioning vital social services from third-party providers. The vast majority of this is done on a ‘fee for service’ basis, where the provider is paid for a series of inputs.

By switching the focus to what these projects achieve rather than how they’re delivered, ‘social outcomes contracts’ enable a very different approach to the delivery of essential services.

​It creates much more scope for a range of stakeholders to collaborate on service design. It gives front-line teams much more flexibility to adapt and personalise the service they deliver. And it ensures that everyone involved has very clear accountability for delivering effective services that demonstrably improve lives. Their strong data focus also helps to inform future policy-making.

We have now supported over 50 of these projects in the UK, with a focus on children’s services, homelessness, youth employment, and health/social care

Bridges Fund Management

“The areas of added value to date include the continual engagement of investors, beyond the initial investment; the added layer of support from the board, including the flexible use of funding to achieve defined outcomes; pragmatic decision-making; and a rigorous information and reporting system focused on outcomes.”