Bridges Insights

Bridges Insights is our not-for-profit field-building arm. It works to build the market for sustainable and impact investing through collaborative projects and thought-leadership.

In recent years, the primary focus of our field-building work has been the Impact Management Project, which Bridges Insights launched in 2016 and has hosted ever since.

In its initial phase, this ground-breaking initiative brought together over 2,000 organisations from across the global value chain to agree on shared fundamentals for how we measure, manage and report on impacts on people and the natural environment.

Since 2018, the IMP has been coordinating the Structured Network – an unprecedented collaboration between 15 of the world’s leading standard-setters. Through their specific and complementary expertise, these organisations are working together to provide comprehensive, interoperable standards and guidance for impact measurement, assessment and reporting.

Through this facilitated work, Structured Network Members are able to exchange knowledge, identify opportunities for synergy and coordination of content – and where it makes sense for Members, co-create content. In turn, this content can support enterprises and investors to develop more complete impact measurement, management and reporting practices.

IMP timeline

Impact Frontiers

In addition to the efforts of the Structured Network, we recognised the importance of bringing practitioners together to work on how to implement this thinking into our day-to-day activities.

As a result, Bridges incubated Impact Frontiers, a learning and innovation collaboration of investors and field-builders dedicated to advancing the integration of impact into financial frameworks, processes, and decision-making.

The Insights team has also been working in partnership with Harvard Business Review on an Idea Lab, an online platform that allows anyone to participate in technical discussions about emerging areas of practice.

Impact Frontiers, Bridges Fund Management

The IMP+ACT Alliance

If we want to ensure the broadest possible take-up of these emerging standards, digitisation is key. That’s why from August 2018 to August 2021, Bridges Insights supported the facilitation of the IMP+ACT Alliance, a public good technology initiative funded by the City of London Corporation, Deutsche Bank and UNDP SDG Impact.

Together with over 150 organisations, the IMP+ACT Alliance developed the IMP+ACT Classification System (ICS), a free self-assessment and reporting tool for investors wanting to integrate impact into their investment decisions, investment practice and performance analysis. In May 2021, the IP and Code for the ICS was donated to the field and is available on Github (MIT licence; search for ICS-codebase). Following the successful roll-out to over 300 practitioners, in July 2021 the management of the platform was transferred to the GIIN, to further expand its reach through connection with the GIIN’s IRIS+ system. 

The IMP+ACT Alliance, Bridges Fund Management

Proprietary research & knowledge-sharing

Over the years, we have published a number of papers on topics where we felt our experience of sustainable and impact investing could help support the growth of the broader market.

Previous examples include the Bridges Spectrum of Capital; a case study of how Skopos Impact Fund developed its impact management framework; a look at the future for outcomes contracts in the UK; and an analysis of the investment case for B Corporations.

Proprietary research & knowledge-sharing , Bridges Fund Management