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Vegetarian Express

Helping to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by promoting plant-based food ingredients

Investment Strategy

Growth Business


Sustainable Planet

Date of initial investment

September 2016

Bridges Executives

Emma Thorne
Daniel Knight
Oliver Wyncoll


Meat and dairy products have been a core source of protein in our diets for centuries. However, industrial farming practices are causing huge environmental damage: animal agriculture accounts for more than 14% of all global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, while the demand for  farmland is driving wildlife extinction and loss of biodiversity.

In parallel, consumer demand for plant-based foods and less resource-intensive eating habits continues to grow, driven by health, ethical and environmental concerns. As conventional meat-based diets become less attractive, there is a clear opportunity to fill this gap and ensure alternatives are attractive and accessible for consumers.


Established in 1987, Vegetarian Express is a leading supplier and promoter of plant-based foods to the UK food service industry. It provides specialist plant-based ingredients, development support, and menu inspiration to 4,000+ chef customers, ranging from contract caterers to hotels, colleges, independent restaurants, catering groups and, more recently, direct to consumers.


By supplying more accessible plant-based foods, along with inspiring menus, Vegetarian Express taps into the growing consumer demand for healthier, less resource-intensive eating options and helps reduce CO2 emissions: 26% of Vegetarian Express ingredients directly replace meat and dairy; in 2020, the company’s efforts averted 4,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions from meat/dairy reductions. The company is also ISO 140001 certified, meaning that it has an effective environmental management system.