Providing high-quality homecare across the South of England


The UK population is ageing, with the proportion of over-60s set to rise by 20% in the next decade. With chronic health conditions also on the rise, the Department of Health & Social Care estimates that between 2018 and 2038, 57% more adults aged 65+ in England will require care. Given the capacity issues in NHS primary care, home care must be part of the solution – while also responding to the increasing demand for higher quality care and stronger support for carers. With the potential to better align local authorities, the NHS and private care providers, the home care market continues to be an area ripe for reform and disruption.


Alina Homecare focuses on delivering high quality care to the elderly and disabled, whilst ensuring a supportive environment for its carers. It provides its care staff with a larger amount of more specialised training, resulting in improved service for clients and higher standards of care within the home setting. This model addresses some of the fundamentals of quality care provision (security, reliability and consistency) while also creating a platform for sustainable growth, through a strong focus on its workforce. The company aims to work closely with service users, local authorities, the NHS and other organisations to streamline, and be a catalyst for, the integration of UK health and social care. Alina was introduced directly to Bridges through our health and social care network.


Alina has received an average user satisfaction rating of 98%, demonstrating a strong focus on quality of care, which continues to be at the heart of the Alina model. It has delivered 2 million hours of care to date and counts over 2,500 customers. Importantly, Alina’s focus on training, engagement and direct recruitment (without relying on agencies), allows the company to achieve an attrition rate well below the industry average.