A fleet management software provider helping to reduce vehicle emissions and improve driver safety


In 2018, the UK’s transport sector was the largest emitter of net domestic greenhouse gases (28%); and in 2019, 91% of the country’s transport emissions were produced by road transport vehicles. Since 1990, van traffic has doubled and van emissions have increased by 67%.

The Future of Mobility has been a key target sector for SGF: high growth, with a large addressable market and clear lock-step between growth and impact outcomes. Sector-specific technology-driven solutions continue to gain traction, from electric and hydrogen powered vehicles to low cost, low carbon & high-efficiency operating innovations, to essential improvements in road safety.


Matrix iQ provides cutting-edge software-based solutions to enable the efficient management of fleets. Data collected provides operators and clients with insights into risk, location and utilisation, including granular details on driver braking and acceleration habits, which help to mitigate exhaust emissions plus tyre wear and tear (which can leave particles on the roadside). As well as limiting the environmental impact of fleets, Matrix’s technology has an economic benefit for fleet managers (by minimising fuel usage via efficient routing and managing vehicle maintenance) and can improve driver behaviour and safety (reducing accidents and mitigating insurance premiums).


Accelerating the growth of Matrix’s core SaaS-based telematics solutions means more operators and drivers are able to limit their carbon emissions and cultivate highly efficient fleets – an essential part of any strategy for the UK to reach its ‘net zero by 2050’ target. Building out the business’ occupational road risk management solution, DRiiVE, means improving driver behaviour, via electronic vehicle checks, data-driven driver feedback, and even real-time driver interventions – in turn increasing safety on the roads. Data collected is also helping to inform client suitability for and successful transition to electric vehicles.