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Stronger Families Norfolk

Keeping at-risk children with their families using evidence-based therapy

Investment Strategy

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Healthier Lives

Date of initial investment

January 2019

Bridges Executives

Mila Lukic
Iciar Ania


In the UK, the number of young people in care is large and growing, with more than 90 young people are taken in every day. For local authorities, keeping children in care can be expensive (a single place can cost over £200k per year). Due to this, there is a strong case for supporting young people on the edge of care with educational, mental and physical attainment, helping them achieve more stability within their families. 



We are supporting a project Stronger Families Norfolk, which supports young people at risk of being taken into care or in care due to abuse or neglect, providing them (and their family) with access to a proven therapeutic programme designed to help the family address behavioural and emotional issues. Stronger Families is a new programme launched by Norfolk County Council, with project finance and project management support from Bridges. 


Target Outcomes

The programme is aims to work with c. 360 young people over a 4.5-year period (with a further three-year tracking period thereafter). It will look to prevent young people from entering into care, and for those averted from care, increase the time they spend out of care. To date, 64 young people and families have already started on the programme and 100% of families that have completed the intervention to date have stayed together.