More than Measurement: A Journey to Impact Management

28th February 2017

A report by Bridges and Skopos Impact Fund, describing the development of an ‘impact management’ approach

More than Measurement was a report produced by Bridges and Skopos Impact Fund. It was the first significant account of the development of an ‘impact management’ approach – which we defined as the management of assets in order to meet explicit impact goals (alongside financial goals).

This paper catalysed the Impact Management Project, a global effort to develop a shared convention for describing impact goals, in a way that can inform portfolio construction.

In traditional asset management, we have developed a shared convention (risk, return, liquidity – and asset classes, as a shorthand) to describe, align and manage against our respective financial goals. However, the same is not yet true within impact investment.

Over the last decade, there has been an industry push to improve impact measurement. Better measurement is essential, but we found it is most meaningful when you have spent time thinking about what success looks like from the start. Our new report outlines this approach.

We are sharing this candid summary in order to encourage openness and an exchange of ideas. To learn more about this evolution of impact management, visit

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