Sustainable Sharing: Co-living & the Path to Net Zero

2nd July 2024

Why co-living is a more sustainable way to tackle the housing crisis – and what that means for investors

In this paper, we take a more detailed look at the sustainability case for co-living, exploring how this emerging concept – coupled with smart design and a retrofit-first approach – can both support the decarbonisation of the built environment, and deliver attractive returns to investors. We cover:

  • The significance of embodied carbon to a building’s lifecycle emissions, and why co-living can help to reduce it
  • How carbon optioneering helps us understand whether retrofitting or re-building is the better option
  • How to design a building that can be zero carbon in operation
  • The benefits of lower emissions for occupiers – in terms of both costs and wellbeing
  • How sustainability therefore underpins the future growth of the co-living market in Europe

Download “Sustainable Sharing”

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