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Sunrise Treatment Center

Treatment and counselling programs for individuals suffering from opioid use disorder

Investment Strategy

Growth Business


Healthier Lives

Date of initial investment

April 2019

Bridges Executives

Ed Niemczyk
Elizabeth Burgess


An estimated 2.1 million Americans are suffering from opioid use disorder, and fewer than 20% of those individuals are seeking treatment. During 2017 alone, there were over 70,000 deaths stemming from drug use across the country, of which 68% (47,600 deaths), were tied to opioid abuse. Ohio registered the second highest rate of overdose death in the country, with 46 deaths per 100,000 people – but treatment programs have not been widely accessible.

Investable Solution

Sunrise provides medication-assisted treatment and behavioral counseling programs to individuals suffering from opioid use disorder, treating patients through five clinics in Ohio. Recognized as a Top Workplace in the Cincinnati area, Sunrise fills a critical need for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders, as well as the families and local communities affected.


Sunrise serves patients across its five locations in the Cincinnati metro region, providing access to high quality treatment through its differentiated program model coupling Medication Assisted Treatment with behavioural therapy.