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Medwood Services

Providing access to primary care in Brooklyn and Queens

Investment Strategy

Growth Business


Healthier Lives

Date of initial investment

August 2018

Bridges Executives

Ed Niemczyk
Elizabeth Burgess


Low- to moderate- income populations in New York lack access to primary care due to a shortage of primary care physicians serving a high percentage of Medicaid and Medicare insured patients. Primary care practices that operate in medically underserved communities have to spend a significant amount of resource dealing with administrative issues, notably around reimbursement, which makes it harder for them to focus on scaling their provision and improving clinical outcomes.

Investable Solution

Medwood provides administrative and management support services to a network of primary care and family medicine physician practices in New York City. These services allow physicians to concentrate on delivering better health outcomes and scaling their operations to support more patients. Over 85% of the clinics that Medwood services are located in Medicaid Eligible population primary care Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs).


The practices supported by Medwood operate in medically underserved communities, delivering low-cost, high quality medical care across about 40,000 patient visits annually. 50% of Medwood’s patients are low to moderate income, and 19% are on Medicaid.