The Bridges Impact Foundation

The Bridges Impact Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit body, provides funding and support for high-impact organisations and projects that are contributing to the growth of the sustainable and impact investing market and/or driving better outcomes for underserved people and the planet.

The Foundation has three core goals:

Social investment

To finance impactful investments that fall outside the scope of Bridges' usual fund-management activity

Supporting the team

To promote and amplify the charitable efforts of the Bridges team

Building the market

To build the broader sustainable and impact investing market

Impact Frontiers

The Foundation helped to incubate Impact Frontiers, a learning and innovation collaboration of investors and field-builders dedicated to advancing the integration of impact into financial frameworks, processes, and decision-making.

It stemmed from the Impact Management Project, and aims to bring practitioners together to work on how to implement the IMP’s thinking into day-to-day activities.


Impact Frontiers, Bridges Fund Management


The MIINT (MBA Impact Investing Networking and Training) program, which we run in partnership with the Wharton ESG Initiative, is an experiential training course designed to give students a hands-on education in impact investing. It takes place each academic year and involves top business and graduate schools from around the world. 

The Foundation’s US arm supports the MIINT through financial assistance and pro bono support from the Bridges team.


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