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Bridges was founded in the UK in 2002 by Sir Ronald Cohen, Michele Giddens and Philip Newborough. They were driven by a shared belief: that business and investment had a vital role to play in building a more inclusive and sustainable future.

In 2015, we launched the Bridges U.S. Sustainable Growth Fund, to invest in lower middle-market U.S. growth companies that are helping to solve pressing social or environmental challenges.


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Since 2002, Bridges has shown that investing in a more inclusive and sustainable future – for example by creating jobs in underserved areas, or delivering better health or education outcomes, or finding smarter ways to reduce carbon emissions – can consistently create both long-term economic value and measurable societal impact. That’s enabled us to raise over $1bn to date.


Bridges is founded by Sir Ronald Cohen, Michele Giddens and Philip Newborough. It launches the first fund of its kind in the UK: a growth capital vehicle targeting market-rate returns by investing in businesses with a positive social or environmental impact


Bridges celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special event featuring former Vice President Al Gore as the guest speaker


We launch the first fund in the world dedicated to supporting Government-commissioned outcomes contracts (pay for success)


We establish a specialist in-house impact advisory team, to support our investment teams and promote the growth of the broader sector


Launch of MIINT, an experiential impact investing course for business school students, through a partnership between the Bridges Impact Foundation and the Wharton Social Impact Initiative


The Bridges U.S. Sustainable Growth Fund makes its first investment


Launch of the Impact Management Project, an unprecedented industry-wide collaboration to agree norms and benchmarks for understanding and managing impact


Bridges’ total funds raised in the U.S. and U.K. surpass the $1bn mark


We’re passionate about using investment to find scalable solutions to the challenges facing people and the planet. Collectively, our team has decades of experience working with like-minded partners, helping them to maximize the potential and optimize the impact of their ideas.

Passionate, Bridges Fund Management


Bridges was one of the first fund managers in the world to launch an impact-driven investment fund. Since then we’ve pioneered multiple investment products to channel private capital towards impactful companies, property and social sector organisations. We’ve also helped to support the broader growth of this approach through advisory work, field-building publications and philanthropy.

A better way of working

We strive to be ethical and responsible investors and asset-owners, taking all potential stakeholders into account in every decision we make. We are a registered B Corporation (in fact, we are one of B Corp’s Best for the World).

We are signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, The Sustainable Protein Initiative, and the Stockholm Declaration.

A better way of working, Bridges Fund Management