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Jump City / Sky Zone

Providing a safe, healthy and fun recreational atmosphere for children, families and individuals at accessible price points

Investment Strategy

Growth Business


Future Skills; Healthier Lives

Date of initial investment

July 2019

Bridges Executives

Elizabeth Burgess
Ed Niemczyk


Youth unemployment in the U.S. has averaged 8%. The opportunity to learn skills and earn needed income through engaging employment has been reduced with automation and technical advances, which is particularly affecting young adults.

Investable Solution

Sky Zone is the originator of the first indoor trampoline park and is the leading brand in the industry. Jump City is an owner and operator of franchised Sky Zone trampoline parks across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The Company provides quality job opportunities and skills training for early-career individuals. It also encourages physical activity and provides affordable, inclusive recreation for families, with a market-leading reputation for safety, quality, and customer service. 


By providing organized training and skill development, Jump City enhances the lives of its employees, many of whom are young people who seek to earn fair wages and develop key professional skills. The business also serves as an engine for economic development in the communities in which it operates, as Jump City parks are often based in underutilized industrial parks or retail shopping centers with high vacancies.