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Altius Dental

Providing high-quality dental health services in underserved areas of Texas

Investment Strategy

Growth Business


Healthier Lives

Date of initial investment

February 2021

Bridges Executives

Elizabeth Burgess
Ed Niemczyk


Good dental health is key to good long term health, contributing to management of other underlying medical conditions, disease avoidance and the nutrition, speech and education of children. There is a need for pediatric dental services across the United States, particularly for low- and moderate-income families and rural communities.

Investable Solution

Altius is a dental services organization that provides administrative and non-clinical services to a group of affiliated dental practices throughout Texas. The practices provide general dentistry services for all ages, demographics, and payors, with a focus on pediatrics in rural areas.


Altius operates primarily in rural, underserved areas in Texas that are often classified as Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). Texas has the second highest number of HPSAs in the United States. Altius provides high-quality dental services to underserved patients in these areas, increasing healthcare access and creating positive employment opportunities.