20/30 Visions #6: Johanna Chao Kreilick on science and climate policy

Welcome to 20/30 Visions, a new Bridges series in which we ask experts and thought-leaders from around the globe: what needs to change if we want to build a more sustainable and inclusive future in the next decade? And how do we make that change happen?

This week we're talking about science, and its role in tackling some of our biggest challenges. Our guest is Johanna Chao Kreilick, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, a US nonprofit that does research and advocacy work around translating science into action. In our interview, Johanna discusses:

  • How science is already showing us a clear pathway to Net Zero
  • Why climate change is also a socio-economic and racial equity issue
  • The importance of people-centered policymaking
  • The receptiveness of the US Government to science
  • Three reasons to be hopeful
  • And more


Watch the interview here:

Or you can download Johanna's insights to read as a PDF below:

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