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Just Ask

Facilities management business working with and providing employment to Housing Associations

Investment Strategy

Growth Business


Stronger Communities

Date of initial investment

July 2017

Bridges Executives

Philip Newborough
Tom Redpath


Residents of Housing Associations are statistically more likely to have physical or emotional well-being issues than the UK average, and are less likely to be in employment or training. Sustained periods of unemployment typically lead to negative outcomes in terms of individual well-being and physical health, and reduces overall life opportunities. The longer someone is unemployed, the less likely they are to ever return to work.

Housing Association residents are also less likely to be satisfied with their local environment than the UK average. Improving the physical environment – e.g. safe and sociable communal areas, well-maintained green spaces, general cleanliness – can have a considerable impact on general well-being.

Investable Solution

Just Ask is a facilities management business that works exclusively with Housing Associations. It believes that by engaging with residents via community projects and improving their local environment, it can make a tangible difference to their quality of life. The business has a market-leading reputation for outstanding customer service, social value and community engagement – making it more attractive to potential customers.

Operating mainly in South-East England, Just Ask employs nearly 450 people and serves over 50,000 homes (at investment). While it is already generating better outcomes for underserved communities, the business has an additional opportunity to make an impact by providing high-quality, sustained employment to Housing Association residents themselves.


With this investment, we hope to improve the living environment of Housing Association residents whilst also creating jobs. Just Ask already has a strong track record of investing in staff training and culture, having previously received Gold Investors in People recognition.