Outcomes partnerships in the UK

In the UK, outcomes partnerships are increasingly recognised as a more effective way to tackle complex social challenges like homelessness, family breakdown and chronic health conditions. 

Bridges has supported more than 50 outcomes partnerships in the UK – working alongside Government, donors and expert partners to design and deliver programmes that measurably improve people’s lives, while also achieving better value for the taxpayer.

Case study: KBOP

Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership helps people in Kirklees who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to secure or maintain suitable accommodation, improve their health and well-being, and develop the skills they need to live independently (including support to enter education and employment). Each participant is guided by a support worker, who uses a person-centred, asset-based approach to tailor the service to the strengths of that participant. KBOP has already worked with over 3,000 local people.

Case study: KBOP, Bridges Fund Management

“Among people experiencing these flexible, improved services, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in wellbeing. They have also had to make fewer visits to their GP and reduced numbers have been admitted to hospital.”