Outcomes partnerships outside the UK

Bridges is pioneering a new era of outcomes partnerships in low- and middle-income countries (a model sometimes called ‘development impact bonds’).

Working closely with local governments, development finance institutions, philanthropies, large corporates and expert delivery organisations, Bridges is supporting projects with the potential to deliver transformative outcomes for underserved people and the planet.

Case study: Education in Sierra Leone

A child born in Sierra Leone can expect to complete just 4.5 learning-adjusted years of education. The government of Sierra Leone has partnered with the Education Outcomes Fund, with backing from UNICEF, to create a new programme targeting primary schools. We are supporting three delivery partners who will collectively work with 193 schools in the country, helping c. 60,000 students. The key goal is to improve literacy and numeracy in schools; though we will also support the broader development of the schools through teacher training and curriculum improvement. 

Case study: Education in Sierra Leone, Bridges Fund Management

Sustainability-related disclosures

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