IMP+ACT Alliance picks the GIIN to host ICS

The Impact Classification System (ICS) is a self-assessment and reporting tool for investment practitioners developed through the IMP+ACT Alliance, a two-year technology project facilitated by our field-building arm Bridges Insights.

Launched in June 2020, the ICS aggregates information about sustainability-related disclosures of investments and brings them into a consistent digital reporting format. Following the successful roll-out to over 300 practitioners, the platform will now expand its reach through connection with the GIIN’s IRIS+ system.

“Integrating the ICS into the GIIN’s suite of offerings will simplify life for investment practitioners seeking access to tools and resources, helping them to understand and describe the impact of their investments.” says Claudia Coppenolle, CEO and Co-Founder of the Impact Classification System. “We are certain that the network and reach of the GIIN will drive adoption significantly. Over time, this will allow for better transparency and comparability of impact data and reporting for impact investors.”

Laurie Spengler, non-executive director of Bridges Insights, comments: “By partnering with Claudia and the IMP+ACT Alliance, Bridges Insights was able to support the development of an innovative technology solution that will further enable the growth of the impact investing market. Thanks to the team’s entrepreneurial leadership and solutions-driven approach, the ICS has become a go-to resource for asset managers and asset owners looking to understand and track the impact of their capital. We are delighted to agree this partnership with the GIIN, to create a permanent home for the ICS, which will allow it to play a key role in the harmonisation of impact management across the investment world.”

The Impact Classification System will remain freely available and interested parties can register for access through the GIIN website here


About the IMP+ACT Alliance

The IMP+ACT Alliance is a time-bound technology initiative for the public good. Together with over 150 organisations, the IMP+ACT Alliance has developed the IMP+ACT Classification System. This digital platform aims to provide asset owners with comparable information that helps them to understand and label the impact occurring in their multi-asset portfolios.

The IMP+ACT Alliance was sponsored by the City of London Corporation and Deutsche Bank and supported through Bridges Insights, Bridges’ field-building arm, as well a network of strategic partners and impact investing networks.