Bridges wins HealthInvestor ‘Private Equity Investor of the Year 2016’

Bridges Ventures was named Private Equity Investor of the Year 2016 at this year’s prestigious HealthInvestor Awards.

The judges recognised Bridges for its innovative approach to healthcare investment across its platform of funds – including backing community-focused pharmacies (link) in the north of England, building high-quality care homes (link) to support our ageing population, and developing employee-owned domiciliary care businesses (link) to improve home care for the old and vulnerable.

The judges said of Bridges:

“Successful fresh innovative thinking across a wide range of subsets of the health care sector, historically seen as challenging, marks Bridges Ventures out from its peers, and has benefited parts of society usually lost to the efficiency and organisational paybacks that private equity investments bring. Simply a stand out performance”

“I felt that Bridges exemplified both a high level of innovation (in its commitment to the first Social Impact Bond) and excellence (in executing The Gym Group IPO for healthy returns)”

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