Enhancing societal benefits within our portfolio – and beyond

Bridges Impact+ is our specialist impact advisory team. It works internally by supporting our investment professionals, providing expertise and tools to optimise the impact of our investments. Externally, Impact+ supports the growth of the broader market, most recently via the Impact Management Project, an also through advisory work and proprietary publications.



 The Impact Management Project

Bridges Impact+ is currently facilitating the Impact Management Project, an initiative bringing together over 1,400 organisations from across the global value chain to agree on shared fundamentals for how we talk about, measure and manage impact.

The IMP is now moving into an even more ambitious phase: developing a set of shared principles, reporting standards and benchmarks for impact. To achieve this, it has managed to bring together nine of the world’s leading standard-setters.

The project focuses on ‘impact management’ rather than ‘impact measurement’. All enterprises and investments affect people and planet, whether positively or negatively. Impact management is an ongoing process of figuring out which effects are material, and then trying to reduce the negative and increase the positive.

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Internal support

The primary role of Bridges Impact+ is to optimise the positive social and environmental impact of our portfolio, working with our investment teams to:

  • Establish where our funds can have the greatest impact
  • Identify impact risks and opportunities pre-investment
  • Develop tools to measure and optimise impact during an investment
  • Capture the lessons learned for future investments



External client consulting

Bridges Impact+ provides advisory services to a select group of external clients, ranging from investors to governments to charities to corporates. We aim to provide rigorous but practical recommendations that will make a real difference to these organisations – all rooted in Bridges’ 15 years’ experience of the realities of investing for impact.

Working across the impact investment value chain, our core areas of expertise are:

Commercial and impact ‘profiling’: Establishing clients’ commercial and impact objectives, as the starting point for reviewing or designing successful portfolios/projects

Market research and analysis: Analysing trends and crafting recommendations

Strategy and portfolio/project design: Advising on how to design a successful impact-driven portfolio/project

KPIs & target-setting: Establishing an appropriate impact measurement system in line with organisational objectives

Metrics, tools, processes & systems: Designing and implementing a fit-for-purpose performance management system, integrating impact assessment and management within teams and workflows

Transaction advice: Designing and reviewing products, including understanding the landscape of advisors and investors

research & analysis

Bridges Impact+ takes on a small number of research projects each year that we believe will help to build the sustainable and impact investment sector.

Recent topics include a case study of how Skopos Impact Fund developed its impact management framework; a look at the future for outcomes contracts in the UK; an analysis of the investment case for B Corporations; and a paper on how (and why) institutions should start allocating for impact.

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The team at Bridges Impact+ is best in class and a global leader in what has increasingly become a crowded field of consultants focused on how to set objectives, implement strategy, measure and monitor social outcomes for investment portfolios
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