LSE Business Review: Brian Trelstad on the case for impact management

Brian Trelstad, partner and head of Bridges Impact+ in the US, writes in the LSE Business Review about how to scale the impact investing sector.

One of the main obstacles currently, he argues, is the lack of a clear and broadly-accepted definition of what we mean when we talk about impact – at every stage of the value chain. Rather than focusing on impact measurement, Brian argues, we need to take a more holistic approach and think about “impact management”.

This means developing a convention to help asset owners articulate their impact objectives – where they want to invest, who they want to reach, what problems they want to solve, how much risk they want to take – and translating these preferences into investment decisions. This will make it far easier to align expectations across the value chain about the kind of impact sought and the kind of impact information that needs to be reported.

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You can also watch Brian’s talk on impact management at The Economist’s inaugural impact investing conference below.