9th November 2022

Tapping the impact potential of Artificial Intelligence, with DeepMind’s Dorothy Chou

Welcome to 20/30 Visions, a new Bridges series in which we ask experts and thought-leaders from around the globe: what needs to change if we want to build a more sustainable and inclusive future in the next decade? And how do we make that change happen?

In this episode we’re exploring the fascinating topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the role it can play in helping us build a better future (or not!). Our guest is Dorothy Chou of DeepMind, one of the world’s leading AI companies. In our interview, Dorothy discusses:

  • How AI is already driving significant scientific breakthroughs that are helping to reduce emissions and improve health outcomes
  • The importance of ensuring these benefits are shared equally
  • The problem with our current data
  • Why technology requires us to renegotiate the social contract
  • The future potential of AI


Watch the interview here:


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