6th April 2023

Web3 expert Bettina Warburg explains how the next generation of the internet can help super-power our efforts to solve global challenges

Welcome to 20/30 Visions, a new Bridges series in which we ask experts and thought-leaders from around the globe: what needs to change if we want to build a more sustainable and inclusive future in the next decade? And how do we make that change happen?

Web3 – the next generation of the internet – is set to transform our online lives over the next decade, with far-reaching implications for identity, privacy, finance, governance and more. So can we harness this new blockchain-enabled internet to drive better outcomes for people and the planet? Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are notoriously energy-intensive; but in this formative stage of Web3’s development, we still have a real opportunity to embed sustainability and inclusion at the heart of these new platforms.

To discuss this emerging (and incredibly exciting) space, we’re joined by Bettina Warburg, one of the world’s leading investors in and educators on Web3 (her Ted talk on blockchain has had over 4 million views). She explains why she believes Web3 can help us super-power our efforts to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges, including:

  • Why Web3 is a ‘paradigm shift’ in the way we use the internet
  • How the new platforms are integrating sustainability at a network level
  • Why Web3’s decentralised model will drive more creativity and innovation, particularly in terms of climate solutions
  • The key factors in achieving broader adoption
  • The intersection of Web3 and AI
  • and more


Watch our conversation here:

Or you can download Bettina’s insights to read as a PDF below:

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