30th March 2023

What role can the world’s biggest asset managers play in accelerating change? With Apollo’s Lisa Hall

Welcome to 20/30 Visions, a new Bridges series in which we ask experts and thought-leaders from around the globe: what needs to change if we want to build a more sustainable and inclusive future in the next decade? And how do we make that change happen?

The world’s biggest asset managers control a significant portion of global AuM. If we want to supercharge the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive economy, we need them to direct more of this capital towards investing for impact.

In recent years, almost all of the big money managers have been expanding their impact strategies, in response to rising investor demand – hiring dedicated teams and raising dedicated funds. But how do we make sure that this is more than just a marketing exercise; that it’s done in a considered, authentic, additive way? And critically, how do we make sure that impact becomes central to all their investment strategies, and not just a niche pursuit?

To discuss this, we’re joined by Lisa Hall, a stalwart of the impact investing movement who is now helping to steer Apollo Global Management’s first official foray into impact investment. She tells us:

  • How (and why) Apollo designed its impact strategy
  • The benefits of operating within a larger platform
  • Why new entrants shouldn’t be ‘riding the rails for free’
  • The dangers of proprietary approaches to impact
  • What this means for Apollo’s other $500bn+ of assets
  • and more


Watch our conversation here:

Or you can download Lisa’s insights to read as a PDF below:

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