Social Enterprise: UK launches first local authority Social Impact Bond

20th November 2012

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6th May 2022

‘Hall of Fame’ honour for Bridges at Private Equity Awards 2022

Bridges’ Philip Newborough and Michele Giddens collected a special award at this year’s Private Equity Awards in London. Our co-CEOs (and co-founders) were this year’s selection for the private equity ‘Hall of Fame’ – in recognition of the work they (and Bridges more broadly) have done in building the market for sustainable and impact-driven investing. […]

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6th February 2020

Project Syndicate: Making Impact Investing Work

After decades on the margins of finance and philanthropy, impact investing is finally moving into the mainstream, with most major asset-management firms having launched impact-investment funds and strategies. Brian Trelstad, Bridges partner in the US, examines what the sector needs to avoid corporate whitewash – notably stronger standards, greater diversity of players, and a wider […]

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20th November 2019

How the B Corp framework can add value to an investor’s portfolio

Stefanie Kneer, Head of Impact Management at Bridges, explains how the B Corp framework can enhance an investor’s ability to engage with companies and add value in four key areas – origination, 100-day planning, continuous improvement and exits – ultimately adding long-term value to an investors’ portfolio.  Read the post here.     

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7th February 2019

Forbes: Impact investing isn’t just for the rich – we all have a part to play

In her latest Forbes blog, Michele Giddens highlights that many people are impact investors without even realising it , meaning we can all play a role in driving the growth of impactful investment. Read the post here.    

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