Bridges Annual Report 2020/21

Our 2020/21 Annual Report looks at all the highlights from what was a remarkable year for the Bridges funds, with a strong recovery in value from the mid-pandemic lows and a number of exciting new investments across the platform.

If COP26 showed us anything, it’s that Governments alone cannot be expected to solve the pressing social and environmental challenges we face. Private capital also has a really important role to play. And the good news is that the economic argument for doing so is becoming more and more compelling.
In this year’s Annual Report, we look at some of ways Bridges has been supporting the transition to a more sustainable economy – against the ongoing backdrop of a global pandemic that has profoundly affected almost every aspect of our professional and personal lives.  
Despite these challenges, however, this has been a very strong year for the Bridges funds, reflecting both our focus on resilient sectors underpinned by long-term growth trends, and the hard work of our teams and partners.

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