Health & Wellness

The U.S. faces some pressing challenges

A third of all school age children are either overweight or obese

Chronic disease now accounts for 75% of U.S. healthcare spend

A shortage of qualified physicians in the next decade

More than 20% of the population will be over-65 by 2040

How we are trying to tackle these problems

Across our funds, our Health & Wellness investments have been addressing challenges like these by:
  • Building high-quality care homes for the elderly
  • Helping people with long-term conditions manage their health more effectively
  • Pioneering ‘hospital at home’ services to reduce the pressures on A&E departments
  • Using community pharmacies to improve health outcomes in underserved communities
  • Broadening access to affordable health and fitness facilities, and more

Our Impact

Globally, since 2002, our investments have achieved:


Hours of quality care delivered


Hospital bed days created


Passenger trips for disadvantaged individuals

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