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Skills Training UK

Training and employability business helping to build the workforce of the future

Investment Strategy

Long-Term Capital


Future Skills

Date of initial investment

May 2021

Bridges Executives

Tom Biddle
Luke Edwards


More than 80% of employers already think a lack of skills is damaging the UK’s competitiveness, resulting in one of the lowest productivity rates in the G7. Changes to the world of work are likely to exacerbate this problem: by 2030, more than third of the jobs we do today could be automated, and 20% of the workforce are likely to be under-skilled. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and tighter immigration rules post-Brexit are also likely to create skills shortages in certain industries. So there is an urgent national need for high quality up-skilling, apprenticeship and other training provision.


Skills Training UK is a leading independent skills training provider. It designs and delivers employer-responsive apprenticeships and individual-focused skills programmes that align with business needs, creating sustainable employment and supporting social mobility.

Working with a number of funding partners in central and local Government, and with Local Economic Partnerships, Skills Training UK offers a diversified range of apprenticeships, traineeships, adult skills and employability courses which support 16-24 year-olds and adult learners, many of whom are from disadvantaged communities, to achieve positive destinations.

The Bridges team first identified Skills Training UK as a potential partner in 2017 through our thematic investment research, and approached management directly. This meant Evergreen was well-positioned to be selected as the preferred bidder when the business came to market in 2020.


Skills Training UK has received numerous awards for the quality of its provision, including TES Training Provider of the Year 2019 and TES Apprenticeship Programme of the Year 2020. Over 6,800 learners enrolled across a wide range of courses last year, including c. 1,000 apprentices.