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énergie Fitness

Small-box format gym providing access to high-quality fitness facilities in catchment areas with smaller populations

Investment Strategy

Growth Business


Healthier Lives

Date of initial investment

August 2019

Bridges Executives

Philip Newborough
Joyce Church
Laura Noorani


Physical inactivity is linked to more than 20 chronic health conditions, which collectively cost the NHS around £1 billion per year; the cost to wider society is over £7bn per year. In 2015, 34% of men and 42% of women in the UK reported that they did not meet UK guidelines on physical activity. Activity levels are even lower in underserved regions: 50% of adults in the most deprived area did not meet the minimum level.

Investable solution 

énergie Fitness is the UK’s leading low-cost gym franchise business, with over 100 sites across the UK & Ireland. Thanks to its ‘small-box’ format, énergie is able to open new sites in areas that would not be suitable for larger-format gyms. This allows it to tap into latent demand in areas where there is currently limited access to quality fitness facilities – and in doing so, help to address an expensive public health issue.

Its franchise model also fosters a greater emphasis on customer service. This helps énergie to maintain a low member churn and to appeal to a broader, more inclusive demographic: for example, it attracts a higher-than-average number of members in the 36-50 and 50+ age brackets compared to other low-cost competitors (who statistically are more at-risk of long-term health conditions).


Bridges is supporting énergie to expand into new under-penetrated areas, while strengthening its service and quality proposition. This will help énergie to attract new joiners, improve member engagement and retention – and ultimately, drive better health outcomes for more users.