Health & Well-being

Some of the challenges we face

40% of the UK population will be over-65 by 2050

Chronic long-term health conditions now account for 70% of NHS spending

Around two-thirds of UK adults are likely to be overweight by 2030

Over 70,000 children are now ‘looked-after’ by the state

How we are trying to tackle these problems

Across our funds, our Health & Well-being investments have been addressing challenges like these by building high-quality care homes for the elderly; by helping people with long-term conditions manage their health more effectively; by pioneering ‘hospital at home’ services to reduce the pressures on A&E departments; by using community pharmacies to improve health outcomes in underserved areas; by broadening access to affordable health and fitness facilities; and more.

See how our investment in The Gym Group has provided access to affordable fitness facilities to thousands of people across the UK >>

Some examples of our impact


Hours of quality care delivered


Hospital bed days created


Passenger trips for disadvantaged individuals

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