Better outcomes and better value for Government

When commissioning services for vulnerable people, the Government is increasingly looking to structure contracts on an ‘outcomes’ – or payment-by-results – basis.

We believe that this is a powerful way for the Government to understand what’s working and drive better results within key policy areas – because it gives service providers more freedom to innovate, as well as a strong incentive to over-deliver.

Through social impact bonds, Bridges (and others) can support social sector organisations to deliver these outcomes contracts – by providing working capital to fund the programme, plus any additional management resource required. This gives the Government a wider choice of providers.

We focus on four areas – youth employment, children’s services, homelessness and health/social care – where SIB-backed programmes are already changing the lives of some of our most vulnerable young people.

The introduction of SIBs for dealing with complex homeless clients has really enabled a long-term focus on the individual and the specific interventions needed to help them turn their lives around. This is very hard to achieve with more traditional commissioning tied to accommodation or the provision of a defined service.
Tim Gray, Department for Communities & Local Government

Better Outcomes, Better Value

Our latest report argues that SIBs have huge potential in the UK – but they need to keep getting simpler, faster and cheaper to fulfil this potential.

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What we offer


Mission-aligned capital to fund programmes commissioned via outcomes contracts

Strategic and operational support from an experienced team

Proven track record of working with high-impact organisations

Expertise in impact measurement, reporting and communications

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